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Baby Massage Classes 
(IAIM International Association of Infant Massage)
Who are the classes for? 
This 5 week programme is suitable for all babies from birth to 1 year old. My classes are mainly for babies aged 8+weeks up to around 5-6 months or pre-crawling. Massage gets a bit more challenging once babies are on the move! I also offer 1:1 classes. 

What are classes like? 
Classes are small, relaxed and baby-led, which means feeding, crying, sleeping & nappy changes all happen at some point! Classes take place at my home in Staines, and I have lots of mats, cushions and relaxing music to help you feel comfortable. 
Each week we massage a different part of the body, before revisiting what we have covered in previous sessions. (I demonstrate the massage strokes on a special doll). 
We end each class with a poem or a quotation and some informal discussion while we enjoy refreshments. I provide organic oil and parent booklets.

How can massage help my baby?
Massage helps your baby to feel securely attached; it reduces crying and emotional distress; increases levels of relaxation; develops body awareness; and provides some relief from wind, colic and constipation. 

How does massaging my baby help me? 
Massaging your baby helps you feel closer to him/her; gives you an increased understanding of your baby; brings you the relaxing benefits of giving your baby nurturing touch; offers you focused time with your baby; provides an opportunity to socialise and share parenting experiences in a welcoming & supportive environment; and last, but not least, you can have fun whilst learning a life-long skill. 

'A great forum for relaxing, meeting people and bonding with your baby'.

'The course has given me another beautiful experience to share with my children'.  

'This class has been informative, relaxed & very enjoyable. I will be continuing massage with my son for years to come!'. 


5 weekly classes at my home in Staines. £50 per family for 5x90min sessions, including tuition, organic oil, parent booklet and refreshments. 

Classes usually take place Wed & Thurs mornings, and Wed afternoons. I also run classes at Buckland Children's Centre in Staines on Tuesday afternoons. 

For more info or to book, please contact me by email or telephone. Please ask for more info about 1:1 classes or classes for groups of friends. 

Liz Simha BA(Hons) PGCE MAR CIMI